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Internationally recognised curriculum

With the curriculum and the test for the language certificate “Cambridge Certificate”, the University of Cambridge has presented a framework for the English learning of school children, which we follow at IMS. The curriculum covers the Berlin framework curriculum in English and is also internationally recognised. The components of language learning are reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Individual language learning

Some of our students have spoken English since early childhood, others start with it at our school. Thanks to the individual support in Montessori education, everyone can take the next developmental step at their own level. Almost all children reach the A2 level of B1 in English by the end of primary school. This enables them to cope confidently with everyday situations in English.

Cambridge Certificate Examination for Interested Students

The children can decide for themselves whether they want to take the Cambridge exam. Those who are interested are supported by us in their preparation. If they pass, they receive a certificate from Cambridge University confirming the language level they have achieved. It is valid for life.

Jale Pakhuylu, Deputy Headmaster

We use the International Cambridge curriculum as the basis of our English program. Our students are taught by native English speakers and can communicate and work at a near mother tongue level.

Cambridge Certificate

The Cambridge Certificate is an English language certificate issued by Cambridge University for non-native speakers. It is taken by around 3 million people from 130 countries every year. The Cambridge Certificate serves to certify qualified English language skills and is recognised internationally by educational institutions and companies. The examinations are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and are offered in the following categories: General English, Vocational English (e.g. Business English), Academic English, English for Children and Teaching Qualifications. An earned Cambridge Certificate is valid for life.

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