Nature and Forest Education


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Why forest education

Our school is located directly between water and forest. During lessons and extracurricular activities, the children experience nature directly. In this way, they learn to understand and protect nature. The goals of nature and forest education are:

  • counteract the alienation from nature, discover nature and its beauty,
  • get to know and understand the forest, its creatures and its functions,
  • recognise ecological and social interrelationships in forests and nature,
  • Develop respect for nature and the environment, promote active protection and responsible, sustainable use of nature and natural resources.

Forest education at the IMS

Our pupils are continuously engaged with the forest and nature:

  • Each learning group of grades 1-3 spends one forest afternoon together per week
  • Children from all learning groups can choose from our forest and nature education activities. These include the school garden, leaf-cutting ants and movement games in the forest.
  • The classes go on regular trips to the forest. The forest is used as a place of learning for language, science, natural science and art lessons.
  • Delicious picnics in our rest garden and in the forest delight pupils and sometimes parents too.
  • Forest days are part of our holiday programme and project weeks that focus on the great stories of Maria Montessori.
Anke Deus Head After School Care IMS

Anke Deus Head After School Care IMS

Nature is the biggest treasure chest in the world! I look forward to the discovery tours together with the children!

Since 2020, the leaf-cutting ants have taken up station in our after-school room. Read more about them here.