The lessons

Our Educators / Teachers

Our learning groups are guided by the appropriate learning group teams. These are made up of one class teacher and an English-speaking teacher.

Each member of the team is someone the children can confide in: an attachment person. They closely observe the children in their learning group and – depending on developmental phase – present them with new learning content. Our educators are learning coaches who accompany and support your children‘s learning process.

The lessons

What does free work at the International Montessori School involve?
Each morning, after the open arrival session, there is a period of at least 3 hours‘ free work. During this time, the students independently select the materials supportive to their development and subjects they wish to work on once the teachers have offered presentations.
Free work at this time means allowing our students to choose for themselves,

– where they work.
– with whom they work.
– what material or topic they will work on.

This way, we use the children‘s intrinsic motivation for development and do not use blame, punishment, permanent correction or even praise (extrinsic motivation). The attitude of the teachers towards the children is a “teaching” one, not a “correcting” one.
In the free work time, our specialist teachers observe the children closely, thus tracking each child’s development.
We want to emphasise at this point that we never question whether our children are working.
It is, of course, the task of all our children and teachers to ensure that the number one rule of free work at our Montessori School is observed:
“When I am engaged in free work, I behave in a way that neither I nor other children are disturbed at work.”

Children’s freedom ceases at the moment when this rule is not observed, i. e. when they disturb themselves or others at work.
Our trained educators closely monitor the children in free work and can thus track the development of each individual child.

IMS is truly international. Our students’ families have their roots in 36 nations. The list of countries ranges from Angola to Vietnam. Our students learn about the great diversity of traditions, rites and festivals in their daily interactions and from the reports of their fellow students. The attractiveness of this environment draws families from all over Berlin and the surrounding area. See here what daily journeys to school the pupils sometimes take in order to experience this atmosphere.

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