Child enrolment

During the Coronavirus situation our admission process continues. There are still free places available for the school year 2020/21. Right now, we offer individual inverviews for interested parents in addition to our information evenings.

Information evenings for interested parents

You are very welcome to attend one of our forthcoming information evenings. We will give you information about our school, about Montessori education and how we put it into practice, and answer your questions. You will also have the chance to look around the building and see inside the teaching rooms.

In corona times we observe the distance and hygiene rules. Our information evenings therefore take place in small groups, in good weather also outside the building. For an individual appointment to get to know us, please send us an e-mail.

If you already have questions, you can contact Frau Schöttler by email: or telephone +49 30 80482270.

The next online information evening of the school year 2021

is taking place:

Tuesday 31.08.2021 | 18:00-19:00
(in german)

Tuesday 31.08.2021 | 19:00-20:00
(in english)

Tuesday 05.10.2021 | 18:00-19:00
(in german)

Tuesday 05.10.2021 | 19:00-20:00
(in english)

Please contact Ms. Schöttler by email at:

Montessori Schule Kinder
International Montessorischool (IMS) Berlin

How do I make an application for my child?

Please download the following application form:

Please send it to our office, completed and signed, by post, fax or email:

Internationale Montessorischule (IMS) Berlin
Zum Heckeshorn 38
14109 Berlin
Fon: 030 – 804 822 70
Fax: 030 – 804 822 71

Additional information

We will then invite you and your child here for chat, either with the head of school or specially trained teachers. We can then decide together if your child would feel happy in our school.

We are especially happy to hear from parents who are interested in Montessori education and would like to regularly discussions with us on the subject.

Application Form

We strive to give every child fair access to our education system.
Our fees are assessed according to income and payment is due monthly.

We charge a one-off [non-refundable] administrative fee of 350,00 Euro. In addition, parents pay a deposit amounting to double the monthly school fee, which is of course reimbursed when their child leaves the school.

school fee

An organic catering company provides us with a nutritious lunch and a healthy afternoon snack.
In Berlin the catering for the children is free of charge.

Childcare provision (Hort) in our school runs until 18:00.

The care requirement is calculated according to the Berlin Kita-Gutscheinverfahren , so we require from you a childcare needs assessment (Betreuungsbedarfsbescheid) and a costs assessment (Kostenfestsetzungsbescheid). If you intend your child to stay only until 16:00, we require a childcare needs assessment for “Hortmodul 2“; if s/he needs childcare until 18:00 then we require a childcare needs assessment for “Hortmodul 4“.

Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung

contact for interested parents/enrolment

Internationale Montessorischule (IMS) Berlin
Frau Schöttler
Zum Heckeshorn 38
14109 Berlin
Fon: 030 – 804 822 70
Fax: 030 – 804 822 71