Chess success for IMS

Chess enthusiasts are familiar with it: the Autumn Open 2022 for children under 10 took place in Berlin in November. The International Montessori School Berlin was represented by Petr Volodin.

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Action days before the Christmas holidays

Sometimes I help, sometimes I am helped - sometimes I show something, sometimes I am shown something. Inter-grade learning and an exchange of children across different age groups is part of the Montessori pedagogy that is cultivated at IMS.


Christmas bazaar for classes 1-3

At IMS, the pre-Christmas activities have begun. At the Christmas Bazaar, classes 4-6 invented, made and staged a series of games for the younger ones. From "Save Santa's Hat" to "Search in the Snow" or the already traditional "X-mas Bowling"...


Fascination Earth and Environmental Protection

We learn about Earth's raw materials - Why Year 4-6 children are excited about e-waste


Nationwide Reading Day

I read aloud! You too?Today is the nationwide reading day. At IMS, it is organised by the children - parents and teachers can also take part - the main thing is to read aloud!


Healthy food in beautiful places

At lunchtime, the Landhaus Oppenheim offers various places to take a break in the cafeteria, on the veranda or in the quiet garden. The varied, wholesome lunch with a high organic content comes from a regional caterer who specialises in catering for day-care centres and schools. The children take part in the meal selection.

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