We at IMS also took part in the nationwide Read Aloud Day on 17 November. Under the motto “everything to do with books and the written word”, the children were able to wander through the school building and take part in interesting activities. Teachers and parents offered entertaining workshops – e.g. on bookbinding, storytelling with the Kamishibai and creating their own comics. Those who preferred a quieter time could immerse themselves in exciting stories while reading silently or reading aloud. Everyone had a lot of fun reading, writing and creating together and are looking forward to Reading Aloud Day in the coming school year!

Throughout the year, we work with Montessori materials and methods that make it easier for children to learn to read and write. We start by practising the “Pinzett grip” or tracing letters out of sandpaper with our fingers. We would be happy to tell you more about these methods during an open day visit.