The International Montessori School Berlin maintains contact with former pupils at the alumni meeting and thus helps the families of the 4-6th graders to prepare well for the transition to Year 7.

What did the alumni say?

  • “The sense of community was much stronger at IMS. Now, at my big new school, I really notice the difference and I miss it!”
  • “The teachers at IMS were more favourable towards us. Now we have to stick to very strict deadlines and tighter schedules. It’s really exhausting sometimes!”
  • “Don’t worry about it! Seventh grade isn’t so bad!”
  • “Focus on making new friends and be nice to the teachers!”

How are the alumni doing at the new schools?

It was nice to see how the former IMS students are still connected – they have arrived well at the new schools, so to speak, and have not perceived any hurdles in the transition.

Our alumni attend different schools, including Freie Schule Anne Sophie, Montessori Oberschule Potsdam, Montessorischule am Stern, Kantschule (Berlin International School), Internationale Gesamtschule Potsdam and Drostegymnasium.

When the alumni and our current 4-6 pupils met, it became clear that the 4-6 pupils were worried about the level of stress and the new subjects they would be facing. The alumni were able to allay their fears and also gave valuable tips. You should be open from the start and look for good friends. A good relationship with the teachers is also important. This would help them to feel more comfortable at their new school. The overall mood was very positive. Many secondary school pupils are enthusiastic about their new schools and reported (almost) smooth transitions. Some of the children at the grammar school said that it was challenging to get used to the new subjects and the new teachers.