The school newspaper and media club with journalist Karin Scheuber starts directly after the Easter holidays.

This is what the participating pupils can expect:

  • We will work together to create a school newspaper from scratch. We will learn what text forms there are, how we get information, what sources are and how we should treat them, what different newspapers and magazines there are, what is important in graphic design, why a newspaper costs money and much more.
  • There will be two groups, alternating from week to week (level 1-3 and level 4-6), so that all age groups get their money’s worth. It is not necessary for pupils in years 1-3 to be able to read and write! Photographers, graphic designers and creative minds are just as much needed as writers!
  • Firstly, we look at what a newspaper looks like and what is in it. Then we work together and make editorial decisions: Who should our publication be for? What do we want to report on? Who will do what work? What should the newspaper be called? What will our logo look like? Can we even attract advertising customers? Everyone will discover their strengths and preferences here.

The working group takes place every Thursday from 3.15 to 4.30 pm.

We look forward to your registration at: