Modern art

A short history of Modern Art. Our 4-6 art classes these days enjoy learning about important movements in art history, while also trying to connect their projects to the many different topics in the curriculum.

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Enjoyment of disguise

Carnival at IMS. Our thoughts currently revolve mainly around peacemaking themes. For our students, the joy of slipping into other roles is also part of it.

Enjoyment of disguise2022-02-28T13:14:51+01:00

Montessori – can it also be done digitally?

Maria Montessori was an extremely modern educator in her time and always promoted pioneering methods. Already some 70 years ago she wrote: "I believe... that the introduction of technical aids will generally be a necessity in the schools of the future".

Montessori – can it also be done digitally?2022-02-17T09:09:35+01:00

Famous faces at the Inventors Fair

Leonardo da Vinci, Baron Karl von Drais, Margarete Steiff, Bill Gates - on 27 September 2021, children and parents at IMS had the opportunity to meet some very famous people and learn about their lives and work.

Famous faces at the Inventors Fair2022-01-06T14:42:41+01:00

Cosmic Education

“Let us give the children a vision of the universe.” Maria Montessori “Give the world to the small child.” Maria Montessori One of the basic principles of Montessori education is cosmic education. Cosmic education strives to offer understanding of how the whole universe and everything in it is interlinked, from the smallest atom to

Cosmic Education2021-12-20T16:21:59+01:00
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