The learning group Tiger’s Eye (Tigerauge) (LG 3/4) spent the night from 12/13.10. 2017 in school at a reading night.
Some students spent the afternoon making a kite, others making paper airplanes, which were given test flights outside as soon as they were finished. In the evening there were rolls and grilled sausages.
After the beds were prepared, two girls gave a talk, in the dark, about Maria Montessori’s life.
At around 20:30 there was time for one last playtime in the school playground – in the dark!
After which, all the children were rather tired and curled up in bed with a flashlight and a book.

Margarethe Häusler, Class teacher Tiger’s Eye
Class teacher Tigerauge (LG 3/4)

Sonja Hauck,
Head of School, International Montessori School at Wannsee