When we often associate Maria Montessori’s pedagogy with images of children concentrating on wooden learning toys or doing their own “housework” in a meticulously prepared environment, we tend to forget the child’s most important teacher: Nature. Movement outdoors, exploratory play with natural materials and the closest observation of animals and plants are at least as much a part of Montessori education as the pink tower. In our school between water and forest, the experience of nature already begins on the school grounds – in the schoolyard and in the rest garden.

In the two weeks after the Easter holidays, our after-school teacher Mrs. Seemann and some energetic IMS parents made it their task to make our rest garden fit for the summer. On April 21st we started with the beds in the rest garden. They were cleared of overgrown grass and wild plants, the lawn was thoroughly freed from leaves and then as a donation there were some raspberry plants. From 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., everyone was sweating in beautiful 20°C weather – to cool down and quench thirst, there was coffee, water and tea. The rest garden is now ready for the summer and is looking forward to its visitors!

On April 27th there were again many helping hands! The beds in the schoolyard were loosened up with a lot of energy and freed from grass, because this way the water can now penetrate deeper into the soil layers again in the future. We sowed a wildflower combination in the beds and the raised beds received a potting soil donation from the parents. Also, home-grown flower seedlings from a family were allowed to move into our rest garden. A big thank you to all donors!

On behalf of the IMS, we would like to thank all the helping hands (young and old) for their support and we are already looking forward to the next gardening days in convivial company!