Being attentive in natural environments – preferably forest, meadow and water – is a central part of cosmic education. Forest days are an integral part of the school day at IMS.
On 25 April 2023, on the occasion of World Earth Day, the classes Tourmaline and Aquamarine of the International Montessori School (IMS) carried out a rubbish collection campaign in the surrounding forest of the school and on the shore of Wannsee. The pupils were equipped with rubber gloves and had plastic bags with them to weigh and dispose of the collected rubbish afterwards.
The action began at 10.30 in the morning and lasted several hours. The pupils searched the forest and the shore of Wannsee for rubbish and collected everything they could find. They were accompanied by teachers.
The pupils were shocked by the amount of rubbish they found. They collected plastic bags, bottles, cans, packaging and even clothes and nappies. Some students noticed that the rubbish was often near picnic areas or at bathing spots. They agreed that it is important for each individual to dispose of their rubbish properly in order to protect the environment.
The action was a great success. The students filled a total of about 20 rubbish bags. They were proud that they could contribute to protecting the environment. The teachers were also impressed by their commitment and determination to do something about pollution.
Overall, the rubbish collection campaign by the Tourmaline and Aquamarine classes was an important contribution to World Earth Day and a good example of how to do something about pollution. The students showed that every individual can do something to protect the environment and that small steps can lead to big changes.