Alumni meeting

The International Montessori School Berlin maintains contact with former pupils at the alumni meeting and thus helps the families of the 4-6th graders to prepare well for the transition to Year 7.

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The highlight was the teambuilding with Lena Bergquist, who organised some great games. We were all able to get to know each other better and familiarise with our three new colleagues.


English test

The kids in Mr Mike Brennan’s English class study the language at IMS’s highest level, improving their skills in writing, reading comprehension, listening and, of course, speaking. The aim of the course - which is taken from year 4 to year 6 - is to help the children advance as much as possible, and this year the students again took a final test to assess their progress.

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Christmas bazaar for classes 1-3

At IMS, the pre-Christmas activities have begun. At the Christmas Bazaar, classes 4-6 invented, made and staged a series of games for the younger ones. From "Save Santa's Hat" to "Search in the Snow" or the already traditional "X-mas Bowling"...

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Theatre – Paula as a guest at IMS

Paula as a guest at IMS - Paula has conquered the hearts of the students at our International Montessori School by storm. No wonder - the plea for #tolerance and #diversity is a lived daily practice at our school.

Theatre – Paula as a guest at IMS2022-05-02T11:07:47+02:00

The first graders’ 100th day in school

The students from 36 nations at IMS are very interested in traditions from different countries. Thus, on 27 January 2022, the 100th day of school for first graders was celebrated - a beautiful custom in America.

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Let me show you where I’m from

At IMS we are international. Many of the teachers, children and families know about life in other countries and cultures. Our students have picked up on this in their online student newspaper "IMS News".

Let me show you where I’m from2021-12-21T10:01:22+01:00
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