Theatre – Paula as a guest at IMS

Paula as a guest at IMS

Paula has conquered the hearts of the students at our International Montessori School by storm. No wonder – the plea for #tolerance and #diversity is a lived daily practice at our school.

The Hengstenberg room was transformed into a dream place in the magical land of circles, thousand corners, red tones and the upside down world. Animated by Rachel Karafistan and Kuba Pierzchalski, Paula showed the power of imagination and her confidence. The British-Polish actor couple captivated the children bilingually (German / English) and animated them to dance with the soundtrack composed especially by Kuba Pierzchalski (member of the Berlin Blue Man Group).

In this way, the children internalise tolerance, creativity and belief in themselves, and the teachers take up these themes further in the following days based on current memories.

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The first graders’ 100th day in school

The students from 36 nations at IMS are very interested in traditions from different countries. Thus, on 27 January 2022, the 100th day of school for first graders was celebrated – a beautiful custom in America. Numerous craft activities, weighing, sorting, counting…. a list of what the children want to have experienced before they turn 100… the list of possible activities was large and grades 1-3 thus celebrated this day together, topped off with a colourful cup cake.

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Let me show you where I’m from

At IMS we are international. Many of the teachers, children and families know about life in other countries and cultures. Our students have picked up on this in their online student newspaper “IMS News”.

“Let me show you where I’m from” tells about the origin, love and connection to other homelands using three examples: Gran Canaria, Tel Aviv and London.

Juno takes us into the sun and shows us where in the surroundings of her house we can find dogs, cows, palm trees and pretty flowers. She also shows us a secret path and the place with the most delicious berries. In Gran Canaria, Juno attended the KaiZen Montessori School.

Back in Corona times, Noga was still living in Tel Aviv. In Noga’s video we can admire some student artwork in her school. She lived there in a street from where she could enjoy the sunset over the sea. Her secret place is a kiosk where she got her beloved cold coffee.

One of our teachers had started this series by taking us to his old home town. In London, we get to know Kensington Church Street, see pictures of a pub popular with tourists and we walk through a street lined with flowering cherry trees. Mike Brennan runs the Newspaper AG. Thank you for this initiative.

We wish those who are interested a lot of fun on their virtual journey!

You can find the reports and videos

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