The first graders’ 100th day in school

The students from 36 nations at IMS are very interested in traditions from different countries. Thus, on 27 January 2022, the 100th day of school for first graders was celebrated – a beautiful custom in America. Numerous craft activities, weighing, sorting, counting…. a list of what the children want to have experienced before they turn 100… the list of possible activities was large and grades 1-3 thus celebrated this day together, topped off with a colourful cup cake.

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IMS in the snow

Breaks in the courtyard and garden are a pleasure at any time of year. While in summer and autumn the students could go roller boarding or play table tennis, now the snow beckons them outside. Sweeping the yard can also be a fun activity. Thank you Mrs Deus for capturing this moment for us.

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Update on the schoolyard

During the autumn holidays, a lot has happened at IMS: Not only has autumn arrived, but our students have also been able to enjoy some new features on the schoolyard and in the school building.

From now on, a rope pyramid invites you to climb. 9-year-old Timo is thrilled: “This is the best thing in the whole schoolyard! Finally we can climb properly!” But that’s not all: the children have a new play equipment house at their disposal, the asphalt in our schoolyard has been renewed and new benches and raised beds have been installed. And there are also innovations in the school building: A library and a media room have been set up and new furniture for the refectory has been purchased. A new noise barrier on the ground floor ensures that our pupils can now learn even more undisturbed.

“On behalf of the children, the pedagogical team and the administration, we would like to say thank you! Thank you to all the parents who supported us in the planning. Thank you to all the parents who made the quick implementation possible with their generous donations,” emphasises after-school centre director Anke Deus. “For me, a dream that had lasted for years has come true in a very short time. I am very grateful to everyone who contributed to it! The quality of a diverse playground is a boon for everyone involved. Thank you!”

The Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family also deserves thanks: the renovation measures were funded by the innovation programme for the accelerated infrastructure expansion of all-day care for primary school children.

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